FactsCan_Icon-01 Verifiably accurate and free of deception. There is no ‘mostly true’ score; if a statement is accurate and also needs to be clarified but in a non-significant way, it should be scored as True.
03_FactsCan_IconDev-02 Some selective truth-telling and omissions, and/or somewhat contradictory, but no falsehoods. If there is a form of significant deception, it should be scored as Misleading.
03_FactsCan_IconDev-04 Verifiably inaccurate. If there are at least two credible sources that refute the statement; or if there is no evidence when it has been claimed that there is.
FactsCan_Icon-05 Verifiably inaccurate and an egregious lapse of logic, almost indifferent to believability.
03_FactsCan_IconDev-03 When evidence cannot be obtained. This score should rarely be used.